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Hollywood Stars and High Class Escorts

December 15, 2011

When we hear the words “Escort Service” or “High-Class Escort Service,” what usually comes to mind is a man or woman hiring another person for companionship or sex. It does not necessarily mean a man or woman is paid by the hour for sex. In some instances, escorts play the role of a date, girlfriend or simply a companion.

Some escorts are engaged in this kind of business because of the good money it provides and new experience they get to embark on. High-Class Escorts are sometimes asked to accompany celebrities, well-known public figures, or executives of businesses to events. Other times, a person requires an escort to fulfill an explicit, sexual tryst for a night that one would never forget. Many men who are in politics, business or even celebrities are sometimes seen with glamorous escorts by their side; their allure is something many men can’t pass up. Being seen arm-in-arm with a gorgeous, attractive lady will surely enhance and increase a person’s self-esteem and confidence and complements their character and personality.

NYC Escorts vs. Hollywood Escorts

There’s nothing wrong in getting or hiring some high-class escorts. It becomes illegal when there is sexual activity or if escorts are engaging in prostitution. An example of this was in the case of High Class Escort Service in Brooklyn, New York.  Even though they called themselves “high-class” their activities were unlawful. They were formally accused of prostitution or harlotry and drug charges in Brooklyn. According to District Attorney Charles J. Hynes, High Class Escort Service acquired $7 million dollars over 3 years. Some of the clients paid more than $10,000 for one night and the owner concealed the type of business transactions on client’s credit card statements. The accusation said even though the high-class escorts have contracts describing themselves as models and sexual contact formally forbidden, prostitution was still taking place. The accusation also alleged the models gave cocaine and other drugs to customers and clients.

Charlie’s Angels or Devils?

In Hollywood, actor Charlie Sheen is a well-known actor who has been accused and freely admits hiring high-class escorts. The 42-year-old who was accused by ex-wife Denise Richards of having an addiction to high-class escorts and internet porn. Another example was the case of Hollywood Madam Michelle Braun. The blonde Madam is said to have been supplying the most expensive call girls in the world of celebrities, business executives and well-known public figures. Her stable of 70 call girls or high-class escorts is said to have included fashion models, Hollywood actresses and Playboy centerfolds able to command 30,000 euro a night for sex.

Escorts is usually a term that suggests elite or upper class companions or prostitutes who receive high-end dollar amounts for their services. These women may work for a service that will cater to the clients requests or needs especially for sex (though this is illegal). The Crime Suppression Unit has been operating  vigorously in trying to eliminate and removing this kind prostitution in the city of Hollywood. The Federal Highway Corridor has been targeted several times and consistently by the Hollywood Police Department in an effort to exterminate prostitution related activities in the area.


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