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Glory Holes in Maryland

February 7, 2012

The Glory Days

an adult store

Adult store for all your sexual party needs

I was in Maryland for a couple days just got done from an important business meeting, its been a long stressful day and without avail I decided to stop by an adult store. Since I was only in the town for a couple of nights s and with the piles of work stacked up I barely have any time at all to get out and mingle.  Once there you give it one thought before you go inside and you ask yourself “What am I doing here?” You then take one last deep breath and in I went. I checked out the random people inside a couple of males and females all in the same store intrigued by the sight of the sexual paraphernalia. I noticed there was a back room and within a couple of minutes people were coming in and out.

glory hole fun

Small booths where usually a glory hole is located in the middle of the wall.

I walked down the short hallway and realized there were rooms small as booths in the back side by side and as I peered in there was a thin wall filled with the art of past people coming through. Reading the writing on the wall there were a series of names, dates, sayings, and drawings. I then realized in the center of the wall about three feet from the ground was a hole about the size of a baby’s fist to fit. That’s when I then realized that the round hole was a glory hole. This is  a small hole where you insert your private parts anonymously through the small hole where the person on the other side gives your oral conduct sexual acts.

The Holy Girl

Sexy brown hair brunette

There were many people in the store coming and going some were just normal people with normal jobs. Some of them are probably just like me and have sexual urges and tendencies. I analyzed the situation and the area I was at and I realized all the people in there are into being anonymous and are sexual nympho maniacs otherwise why would they even be here In the first place. I needed to take advantage quickly.

As I decided to head into the back I had seen this tall late twenties about 5’8” brunette with a nice hourglass shape body head into the short hallway. Without hesitation followed and seen which room she headed into so I could make sure I got the room right next to hers.  I stepped in and I heard giggling in the other room so I knew then what I had to do. I quickly undressed and before I Stuck my cock in the hole I gave it a few strokes and took a peek to make sure she was ready and there was no foul play.

the glory holeHer juicy red lips felt they way I imagined it would, but probably even better. She spent all her time sucking, licking, and deep-throating  making sure that I would savor every great feeling, stimulating all the stress in my body to go into my balls and when time came shoot out into that wonderful mouth of hers to be swallowed and to never be seen again. It lasted for a good half an hour and her gentleness ensured that I would leave out of there as happy as ever, feeling like a new man.

Scary Movie: Glory Hole

Location Location Location

I have really gotten into this and even extended my stay in Maryland just so I could find out more about the extent of this activity. I dedicated my time for that week to gather Information and produce the guide of glory which I shall pass down to you worthy travelers or thrill seekers.

  • LOVECRAFTLocation: Rosedale, MarylandThis location is a Adult Video Arcade that has glory holes. There is a wide variety of clientele of all types of people. The staff is non intrusive and friendly with a nice clean sanitary, well manned, well maintained environment.
  • ADULT BOOK SHOP- BELTSVILLELocation: Beltsville, MarylandThis place also has Videos in the rooms with glory holes and preview booths and private preview rooms. There is a wide variety of clientele. The staff is friendly and there is no police activity in the area. The store is kind of run down and kind of has some weird vintage feel. The theater rooms also provide gay and strait videos.
  • LOVE CRAFTLocation: Laurel, MarylandContains Video Arcades equipped With Glory Holes. With all kinds of clientele base and a nice house staff however there is no cursing tolerated in the store. There are also chances of being harassed by undercover police. Its an old store that is well maintained.
  • For more information on adult shops in Maryland that have glory holes click here

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