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Weird Places to Have Sex

March 14, 2012


Hello, I’m Ivan 28 years old from Brooklyn, New York. I’m a Medical Provider working as a nurse at a hospital. I’ve became interested, why people have sex in weird places? Do they really feel it is right to do “it” in such places? Do they care if somebody might catch them? Aren’t they afraid to be seen having sex, especially in public places? There are many private places to have sex, hell you can even have sex in an erotic massage parlor. So why do it in public?   There are Laws about having sex in the public. It’s illegal and if caught could carry some serious consequences, not to mention an embarrassing police record.

I’ve searched some articles, on where would be the weirdest place to have sex. The articles mention some of the same places. So is it really weird? In the sense that many people have tried, already. But the thing is, are there any places really weird to have sex? What would be the weirdest place you can pull out your partner and fuck?

What makes people do this Extramarital affair in such places?

We all have a different perception on sex. Does it matter where and when we will be doing that activity. The number one reason to have sex is, Love.  Sex is design for “married” couples. But now days it’s normal to see teenagers fucking each other and not caring he/she loves their partner, as long as they will be satisfied with their sexual desire. Also, it varies from your culture especially here; we all know that most of our culture is liberal when it comes to sex. If you’re still a virgin they will tease you and laugh at you.

That is one major factor, why teenagers get expose to premarital sex. They don’t have much of an idea what the consequences are. They may contract a Sexually Transmitted Disease or become pregnant. Now day’s people have sex because of lust, though still there are some who do this practice because of love but still unmarried.

Each person has a different perception on where and what would satisfy them, when it comes to sex. Some get satisfied on oral sex alone, but they do it in a public places like in a restaurant.  Such places I have read about in articles, where the guy drops a fork under the table, but instead of getting up he goes directly beneath the table and eats the pussy of the girl.  The girl enjoys it. The table was fully covered by a table-cloth, so you can’t see the guy under the table. Another article is about a couple on a plane. They can’t control their eagerness to have sex, so they both go to the restroom and have sex on the plane.

Weird Places to have Sex:

>Pool:cool sex

Having sex in a public pool is really unusual, especially, if children are present. We all know that we get into pools by going to a resort. Not all of us have a private pool. It will be hard to have sex in a public pool, if there are some people around you. I would recommend experiencing pool sex at a hotel.

I will share my experience on having sex in a pool. I once had sex in a pool with my girlfriend. However, attempting was delayed by two children running around the pool.  So I can’t have a shot, so while their running around us, my hand is already playing with her pussy. At the same time one of her hands is giving me a hand job, but only, when the kids are far from us.

Once the children had left and we were finally alone. I positioned her at the edge of the pool facing the tennis court, as if we were watching the tennis game on the edge of the pool.  I went around to her back, then I pulled down her bottom bikini, and pulled out my dick and inserted it in her hot pussy, she loved it. It was a different feeling an unusual sensation, when I put my dick in a pussy underwater. I hugged her as if we were just playing around, while I slowly pumped her pussy. She couldn’t help to moan though she only moaned softly because it was an open space. She might be heard, because on the other side of the pool there are some people who were playing cards inside the bar lounge. We didn’t want to raise attention. It was an awesome experience.

Other Weird Places to have Sex:

  • Riding on a crowed bus and not getting caught
  • Laying on a beach
  • Inside a gym
  • Riding on a boat in the middle of a lake/ocean
One Comment
  1. Melina permalink

    I watched X-rated movies last night and i watched the scene where couple having sex under the sea, wondering how it really looks like in person? I mean, you’re under the sea, you’re drowning and f*cking!

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