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Tickle Torture Fetish

March 29, 2012

Tickle Torture Fetish

Being whipped, locked in chains, being fish-hooked and other painful practices yet claimed to bring pleasure are just some of what you think when you heard BDSM. Well, in case you don’t know, there are some BDSM practices that do not involve pain and crazy submissions. I have experience this for the first time and it made my body so hot like never before. I’ll tell you my story on the later part okay?

Tickle Torture Fetishism and Its Benefits

Tickle torture fetish is one of the few painless BDSM practices around. People with tickling fetish consider this practice more enjoyable and highly erotic. It is said that tickle torture practices has been around for centuries to make a prisoner submit to his or her crimes. Tickling could last forever for these ancient prisoners, no wonder it is called a torture.

It is also considered a healthy practice in the medical world because it stimulates thousands of muscles in our body especially on the face. Although it claims to have good health benefits, one should not dwell into this practice if they have existing illnesses that can easily put their lives in danger:

• Heart Disease (High Blood Pressure and History of Stroke )
• Asthma
• Epilepsy
• Psychological Diseases

My Tickle Torture Experience

tickle torture framesLuckily, I do not have any heart problems and other illnesses that are mentioned above. My boyfriend and I were thinking of new ways to stimulate of sexual desires and not just to jump on to bed like usual. We’ve been together for two years now and we have tried only painless BDSM practices, no hooks and skin-cutting involved, we have jobs you know.

So, we found a video that involves feather torture and we thought of trying it at once. We’re both excited as to see if it really brings out the sensations we witnessed on the video. The girl on the video has her face all read and involuntarily urinated due to the nonstop tickling on her ribs and armpits.

First we tried the feather torture, but to our dismay, feathers don’t really work. It worked for a few seconds but is easy to get used to. Maybe it doesn’t work for my case, am I really that unique, I don’t know. =)

Anyway, I was tied up and waiting for him to tickle me for the second time. Again, we lost faith on the feather and threw it away fast before we lost the mood which is already about to happen. Instead of using feathers, he used his fingers and tickled me on my armpits! I was screaming like hell but he didn’t stop until tears are flowing on my face due to too much laughing and begging. Involuntary urination is normal on most BDSM practices and yes I did it too on this tickling adventure.

Body Parts Usually Tortured by Tickling

tied and tickle

Ribs – Played like a guitar or by counting the ribs is one the most common place to get tickle tortured.

Foot – Foot fetishism is the most common form of sexual fetish related to the body. Be sure to tie your partner first before you do tickling this part to avoid getting kicked in the balls.

Armpits – Probably next to the foot as being the most sensitive part of the body for tickling as it reacts almost instantly from slight touch to pinching.

Belly – Some Women have super-sensitive belly. Playing around the belly button creates and electric sensation running through the body.

Legs – Only few have ticklish legs. Most ticklish lower parts of the body are knees, foot and ankle.

Hips – Same as the ribs, our hips are sensitive to slight touch and caressing. It really intensifies the moment.

Now that we know feathers are not exactly the perfect item for tickle torture and our foot is considered the best body part candidate for the practice, we came up of a new list on how to tickle torture your partner’s foot like there’s no tomorrow.

Fingers – The most common ways of tickling the foot of your partner.

Tickle Machine – People still have doubts if this machine really works, majority of the users claim promising affects though.

Animal’s Tongue – Animals tongue, particularly of goats have been used for tickle torturing a person. This practice goes way back as early as the Roman era.

Water Dripping – In Transylvania, Prince Vlad is said to have tickle tortured Turkish victims by having water dripped on their feet. Constant tickling would increase the victim’s heart rate and blood pressure which causes them to die from heart attack or stroke.

Tickle torture is fun and ecstatic. It’s also cheap and all you need is a good imagination of what to do next and how you do it. After the tickling torture, the tickled person gets really excited which is a good moment for the following practice that does not involve tickling and both of you gets to play.

Warning: Getting your partner blindfolded while getting tickle-torture produces exceptional results! =)

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