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Women Addicted to Sperm

April 25, 2012

Most men have almost certainly attempted all the ways in the world to have sex with their partners without the saran wrap or the condom. Many men almost likely tried saying these lines to their partners: It’ll feel better for me… if you really love me, we don’t need it… I can pull it out when I feel that my sperm is about to go…

But I bet this line is one of the most less likely said by men: darling, my sperm is so good that it’s going to be better for your mental health.

study by the State University of New York made an analysis on 300 college-aged women to find out if women, who regularly have Women addicted to spermunprotected sex are more possibly to be depressed as more time is consumed, while having sexual intercourse.

Women who have frequently had safe sex with the use of condoms didn’t act in response as to being depressed.

Oppositely, those who do not use condoms are less likely to commit suicide than those of their counterparts that are having sex using condoms.

Even further, these women who have sex with partners who do not use condoms are those who will potentially find new partners, after they have broken up with their previous partners.


You might be asking now, can sperm be as addictive as drugs? Can women be addicted to it? Well, several scientific studies say that women have the potential to be addicted to men’s “spunk.”

Do not jump into conclusions that easily, here are the results of the study:

  • Women who have unprotected sex are happier that those who have safe sex
  • Women who have unprotected sex and go for an extended period of time without having sex usually get unhappy.
  • Women who have unsafe sex unexpectedly break up with her man and look for new sex partners.

sperm addictionOkay, the semen must be introduced to the women vaginally, not orally. When semen is taken orally, there will be no effect for the reason that the acids inside the stomach will break these down and become denatured.

Another study about this also, found that when a woman engages in vaginal sex with a man unsafely; and the man releases sperm inside her vagina, but is not washed out right away, the sperm gets absorbed by the inside layer of the vagina and makes its way to the bloodstream.

Once the semen is taken in, it is believed that it does not only aid the anxiety and depression of the women, it also reduces the pain, uneasiness and spasm the woman feels when she has a pre-menstrual cycle.

This study also found that the woman will get used to the effects of the sperm inside the body. Once the semen suddenly stopped being brought into her vagina, the woman will have a menstrual discomfort, increased apprehension and depression.

She will then grow to be ill-tempered, hypertensive and bad-tempered because of semen withdrawals.


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